Who we are

Welcome to New Song! We are a church that is on a mission to present the good news of Jesus in an authentic way to the people of the Second Ward, the Third Ward, the Inner Loop and all of Houston.

We have a slogan that describes what we are about: “Be Salt! Be Light! Change the World!” These words are apt because, for us, church is not just something we do -- it's who we are. New Song is not a weekly event, a business, or even a building. We are a community of people who are passionate about connecting with God and with each other. We believe that loving God and loving people go hand in hand. That hanging out together and fellowship are as important a part of the Christian life as listening to a sermon or singing a worship song.

As a new church in the community, we aren't big in size, but we are big on two things.   First, we are big an relationships.  We believe that the real Christian life must be lived out in a real (and tough) world with real people. So, we emphasize relationships over programs. By welcoming you into our church we are welcoming you into our lives. If you want a church of people who have it all together, you might need to look somewhere else. But if you want a church where you can connect with real people in a real way, check us out. We would love to meet you.

We are also big on the power of God.   GOD STILL HEALS, DELIVERS AND PERFORMS MIRACLES IN RESPONSE TO THE PRAYERS OF HIS PEOPLE.  If you are facing any need, we would love to pray with you.

Meet Our Pastors

Johnny & Medina Ford

Pastors Johnny and Medina returned to Houston after eighteen years as missionaries to Africa and church planters in New York City. Johnny is an MK (missionary kid) who was raised in Africa, and Medina is a native Houstonian. They both have a passion for ministry to cities. Their vision is that New Song grow into a network of cooperating fellowships that would plant new churches, both throughout the inner loop area of Houston and beyond.

What we believe

  1. God is the creator and ruler of the universe. He is eternal and exists in three persons — Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
  2. Jesus, God's Son, is co-equal with the Father. He was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life and then died as a sacrifice for the sins of all people. One day he will return to earth as both Judge and King.
  3. The Holy Spirit is co-equal with the Father and Jesus. He is alive and at work in the lives of people to make them aware of their need of a Savior. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a gift of grace that is available to all believers to empower them to share the good news about Jesus.
  4. The Bible is God's word to us. It was written by human authors under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the supreme source of truth for Christian belief.
  5. We live in a messed up world. The Bible tells us this is a result of sin, which is any form of rebellion against our Creator, God. This sin separates us from God. The only way to restore our relationship with God is by trusting in Jesus as Savior and Lord.
  6. We believe that all of the New Testament gifts of the Spirit are available today as they were when the New Testament was written.
  7. The church is made up of followers of Jesus who have trusted in him as both Savior and Lord.