what to expect

We know that going to a church for the first time can sometimes be a nerve-racking experience. Do I belong here? Is this place the right fit for me? Will they be friendly or clique-ish? At New Song, we want to break down the common misconceptions about church. We are simply a group of people striving to love God and love people. We wear jeans and flip-flops. Our worship is contemporary, laid back, and authentic. The messages are Spirit-inspired and Word-based. Toss in some coffee and snacks into the mix and you have New Song Fellowship. We're an Urban Church Family and we want you to be a part of what God is doing!

Fellowship and community

We believe that community and fellowship should be inseparable.    So, at New Song Fellowship, we emphasize fellowship--it's even in our name! A HUGE part of who we are is spending time with each other. In today's modern world, people are too prone to isolating themselves and not sharing life with those around them. Real Community is real people sharing real life together - both the good and the not so good. When the first Church met, they were known for breaking bread together (Acts 2:46). After church on Sunday, a group of church members often hit up a local restaurant. So when you visit, clear some time to hang out and eat with us afterwards. We'd love to get to know you more over some great food!